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Damask Air Jet - is it really "all that"? 2016

High End - High Def - High Quality = High Retail Price

Greetings Designers, Clothiers and Project Managers -

I get a lot of customers asking us about our woven label production during the course of the work week. I thought I'd take a moment and go through my personal thoughts on the woven label we are most proud of here at BCI, our "Damask Air Jet" woven label production. What makes it so special? Our Damask Air Jet (DAJ) is woven on a special high definition loom which launches the yarns across the loom with bursts of air. This creates very precise design ability to weave intricate and superior label clarity. The yarns also used on this loom are very fine, the gauge or "denier" is thin like spider webbing giving the ultimate in softness for the final product. If your artwork is intricate or involved, you will want to use a loom to recreate the artwork in its truest form and the only way to accomplish this is to use a loom that's speed can be regulated, fine denier yarns placed precisely. The yarn colors must be dedicated with pin point accuracy matching your electronic artwork. Optic whiteners can be added to cover "grin thru" where white or ivory labels with dark logos discolor the light ground colors. So what's the end result besides being a bit more costly? Quality, softness, true rendering of artwork and justification for a solid retail price point. Don't overlook the label on your project and the importance of that label. You and I both inspect that when we buy clothes or products with a woven label - other discerning buyers are no different. My conclusions? Put quality trims on your items and the spontaneous retail purchase of your item gets a lot easier to make. Its a little like remodeling a kitchen - if you put quality into the kitchen the money will back to you when you sell the house. If you put quality on your product, your retail sales will reflect it and return sales will follow. Good Luck! Paul Wade BCI